Finally Finished!!

Woo-hoo! I have finally finished all the donation quilt kits!!! I am so happy to have them DONE, DONE, DONE!! And I have a week to spare before they need to be turned in!! Yeah me!!


Here are the final three, all hung on the clothesline. The center one is done with the quilt-as-you-go method. The other two were made with the more traditional way of piecing the blocks, sewing the blocks into a flimsy, then quilting it.


I was particularly happy with the binding choice on this one – I love that stripe fabric.


Here’s the backs. You can really tell that the center one is QAYG!

I think this will be my last post this week. DH and I are planning a camping trip. DS#3 will be house sitting and taking care of the beasties while we are gone.

I’ve been packing the camper with all the essentials:

Featherweight – check
Bonnie quilt to sew the rows together – check
Thread, scissors, pins etc – check
Folding table to put Featherweight on – check
OTT light, so I can see when I’m sewing – check
Hand sewing project (Tea Leaves) – check
Sketch book in case I think of a fantastic idea for a new quilt – check
Mechanical pencil for above and spare (because I’d hate for my pencil to run out of lead at a crucial moment) – check
Quilting magazines to read when I’m too tired to sew – check

Other misc. stuff that is secondary to the above (food, clothes, camping supplies) – check 😉

I’m not quite sure if I have enough projects to keep me going over the next three days, but I’m going to chance it!! I did think about taking fabric, cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter so that I could cut out pieces for a practice quilt (that’s what I’m calling the next few quilts I make, because I’m going to use them for practicing on the Fun Quilter. They’ll be made with large pieces: very quick, easy to sew projects.) But I decided I better leave some storage in the camper for those secondary things on the list!! 😉

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