Happy Friday the 13th!!

Friday 13th

I, for one, do not have a superstition about this day, so I believe it is going to be a good day just like any other. I hope everyone else has a good day, as well.

Here’s a link to Wikipedia, if you’re wondering why some people have such a phobia about Friday the 13th. Click HERE

Now on to happier things. Can I get a “Whoop, Whoop!?!”

Yes, it’s Whoop, Whoop Friday over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict and I’ve got something to Whoop about!



The pink and purple quilt is DONE! Well, okay, I have to get a label on the back of it – but for all intents and purposes it is FINISHED!!!! Now I can set it aside until December. If I were really efficient, I would wrap and label it now, then it would be completely ready to be given to DGC#4. But I’m afraid of being that efficient – no one would recognize me if I was having things all done ahead of time!!! 😉

Click HERE to go to Sarah’s blog and see what everyone else is Whooping about.

I’m working for my other boss today, so I better buckle down and actually work.


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