No Changes on the Design Wall


Nope, same quilt blocks, same layout – no changes!

Last week was a pretty depressing week – I didn’t get much sewing time at all. 😉

I did get a lot of canning taken care of. And I helped DH with a number of errands. Which are all good things that needed to be done. But still, not having any sewing time is kind-of depressing.

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This weekend was fairly busy.

On Saturday we went to see DDIL and DGC in a benefit run:





Check out to learn about this type of event.

On Sunday we rode the motorcycle to a local craft fair. Bev and her DH were there, so we got to visit for a little while.

Whoever said that Labor Day marks the “official” beginning of quilting season obviously doesn’t have the same schedule as I do!!! But I’m hoping for better things!

I’ve got the kinks worked out on the Fun Quilter (I did manage a few minutes of time with that throughout the week!), so I should, hopefully, be able to get some tops quilted in the next few weeks!

And I’m about finished with canning!!! Yippee!!! I love having the food stocked up for the winter, but I’m not so crazy about all the work that is involved with getting it stocked up!!! But, other than a few more tomatoes, the garden is about finished. So I don’t have much more to do. Now I just have to get the house back into shape – I tend to neglect it when I’m doing all the canning – then I should be able to get started on quilting season!


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