Crazy Cat

I wasn’t sure what to say this morning. Today is Really Random Thursday over at Live a Colorful Life (click HERE)

I’m not going to be very random – this is mostly about Norman. He’s an odd cat. Very entertaining, but odd!


He wanted to help when I was canning green beans. Actually, he liked playing with the green beans. I’m not sure why he decided to get in the sink with the ends that I trimmed.


He likes to join me in the sewing studio. This photo was taken before the great studio clean-up, it isn’t nearly as messy now!


He likes to “help” when I’m trying to photograph my quilts!


He likes water, a lot! When I turn the faucet on, he shows up right away.


Supervising my sewing! He’s very intense, isn’t he!?!

And he likes to help me decorate the house.

Let me explain a few things before I add these last photos. We live in an older house. The basement is not finished. There is a concrete floor with a drain hole, because we get water in the basement every now and again. With all the rain that we’ve been having lately, it was bound to happen that we’d have a wet floor. What I didn’t expect was this:



Norman decided that he loved going down into the water and then tracking throughout the house. Multiple times!! There are cat footprints everywhere!!! I guess he decided that the carpet needed to have some pattern in it, instead of just a plain light color!

Guess who needs to add “shampoo the carpets” and “mop up the basement floor” to her list of things to do today!!! I might not be getting much sewing done for a while!



6 thoughts on “Crazy Cat

  1. Norman is very entertaining! His energy level will slow down as he gets older. Our two younger cats (7 yrs.) still love to play and one likes to be chased so he can run throught the house and up the stairs. The older cat is happy to take naps with DH. He sits and stares at the couch when it is nap time and meows, if DH doen’t come lay down soon enough.


    1. Oh yes, Norman is very entertaining!!! Would you like to come join me and be entertained with all the muddy paw prints that need to be cleaned up!?! Not only are they on the carpet, they are on the sewing table, some fabric, the wall and all the way into the master bedroom floor!!!! And, since his litter box is in the basement, I have to clean up all the mess down there before I can get rid of all the paw prints or he’ll just make more every time he has to “go”!!! I know it’s not really his fault – after all, he didn’t make the water come into the basement. But, Jeez!! Could he please not make quite such a BIG mess!!!! 🙂


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