What’s on my wall?

I had a pretty busy weekend. Two separate visits by two DGC, a family reunion and all the cleaning I could fit in! Woo-hoo!

The first DGC to visit was DGC#4 and did she ever have fun. Together we sorted through some more of the “stuff” and she found some treasures. I was more than happy to let her take them home, where she can do whatever she wants with them. Later in the visit she decided to put some quilt blocks up on my design wall:


One of my goals for September is going to be sewing these blocks together. Bonnie used a more conventional setting for her pattern:

Blue Ridge Beauty

But I’m kind-of liking the randomness of the layout by DGC#4! It certainly has a lot of movement! I’m leaving her layout on the wall for a few days to see if I still like it or if it starts to drive me crazy!

DGC#6 came to visit on Sunday and joined us at the family reunion. She’s a little firecracker and we had a pretty good day. She was desperate to get back to our house after the reunion because she wanted her chance at finding some “treasures”. So into the bonus room we went. She filled a grocery bag with some old Tupperware and costume jewelry. Don’t ask me what she wanted the Tupperware for, I have no idea!! I think she just wanted a bunch of stuff because her sister had brought home a bunch of stuff!!!

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3 thoughts on “What’s on my wall?

  1. I like your colors, but I think that I like Bonnie’s conventional pattern better. However, that’s just me!!! You’re the quilting expert!!!


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