I realize I should have worded one statement a little differently yesterday. I said most of the stuff was out and “now” comes the renovation. I should have said “soon” comes the renovation. I still have some more cleaning out to do.

If I don’t collapse from exhaustion, I hope to have enough stuff cleaned out today so that DH will be able to start on one end, while I finish cleaning out the remainder. He has done a small amount of work on the wiring and he wanted me to go out and pick up some supplies today – but only if I have the clean-out work done!

I am just trying to figure out how in the world we have accumulated SO MUCH STUFF!!!

I haven’t done very much sewing over this past week, so I don’t have any new projects to share. These are some of the tops that need to be quilted. They are the reason I am motivated to get all the MCRBR all done!

Amish Nine Patch D9P top Mystery quilt Birds PA_July2013 243_thumb Tim's Top

I was going to link to Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday, but they don’t have anything posted for this Tuesday (at least, not while I am here!) but they have the cutest idea for a baby boy quilt on yesterday’s post (Monday, August 12, 2013) I’m just going to link to their blog and you’ll be able to see the latest entry. That way, once they post Fabric Tuesday, you’ll see it and until then, the tutorial for the baby quilt will pop up first. Click HERE


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