Give Peace a Chance

It’s design wall Monday over at Patchwork Times. Click HERE to see what everyone is working on. My design wall is empty right now due to the “Major Cleanout and Renovation of the Bonus Room” or MCRBR, as I have taken to calling it! (Try it a couple times – MCRBR – it rolls off the tongue!)

Most of the “stuff” is cleaned out, now comes the renovation. I have to arrange for flooring to be put down before the long arm is set up. DH has a few jobs to take care of. Top of the list – install electric outlets and lights!!! The wiring is all there, he just has to hook everything up!

Soon, very soon, I’ll have my quilter up and running and then I’ll be cooking with gas!!

On another note: Have I ever mentioned that I am a little slow on the uptake sometimes? 😉

I’ve been blogging since October of 2010. Shortly after I started blogging I came up with “P-E-A-C-E” as my closing.


My intention was to convey that we all need a little Peace in our lives; that we should seek Peace. I feel peaceful when I am quilting, so it tied in with that. And it was also a nod to my “hippie” roots. (That’s an inside joke, since I was never really a hippie – I came of age in the disco era!)


(OMGoodness! I’ve dated myself there, haven’t I?)

Last Friday I was having trouble with my internet connection. I couldn’t get the laptop to connect at all and my phone just barely connected.

So I decided to use my voice command option to tell you what the problem was and then sign off.

I said, “My internet connection isn’t working right – period – enter – enter – Peace”

What showed up on the screen was:

“My internet connection isn’t working right.



“P-I-E-C-E” !!!!

You would think I would have realized that my closing was actually a homophone that would relate to my blog either way that it is spelled! I had to see it in print on the blog to realize this! It never once entered my head before now! Either word works well. I can be wishing Peace onto you or instructing you to get to work and Piece!!!

So, in closing, I’d like to say:

Peace (or Piece, however you want to take it!!)

3 thoughts on “Give Peace a Chance

  1. I’m so glad that most of your “stuff” is cleaned out. How did you get rid of all of it so quickly? Now you ready for the renovations. I am assuming that most of the renovations will be DH’s jobs … maybe except for painting. I’m REALLY anxious to come see your bonus room when your LAQ is installed. I want to see it in action. Are you going to rename your bonus room to something more appropriate?


  2. If DH drags his feet on your renovation, just tell him you’ll move your long arm into the big house and we can retreat there.

    Counting the days until we can meet at the cabin for lots of quilting fun!


  3. Did you use a bulldozer to get everything out of the MCRBR or was it a mandatory plea to all your sons to come help! I can’t believe you did it that quickly? I’d still be scratching my head wondering where to begin…but then that’s why it’s taken me so long to get my house straightened out. I’m the snail; you’re the gazelle! Can’t wait for our get-together for us all to find “peace” while “piecing.” You NEED a little rest after all that work!


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