Really Random Thursday

I’ve had a hectic day so far, which is why I’m late posting.

DH had some good news and some bad news yesterday when he came home.

Good News Bad Nes

“Gallery Owner: I have some good news and some bad news.
Quilter: What’s the good news?
Gallery Owner: The good news is that a man came in here today asking if the price of your quilts would go up after you die. When I told him they would he bought every one of your quilts.
Quilter: That’s great! What’s the bad news?
Gallery Owner: The bad news is that man was your doctor!”


No, his good news was that he was given a tip after doing one job, so we were going to go out to eat! Yay!! The bad news was, he broke a blade on his mower and I had to run to the repair shop to buy more blades. Boo!

So that is what I spent the morning doing.

Now I need to get back to work on the bonus room! It’s slow going because there’s this thing called “Life” that keeps interrupting.

I had to can green beans yesterday:

Green Beans

These will be yummy this winter.

Before I go today, I wanted to make note about the Bonnie quilt that I’m working on. I’m pretty sure that most of the quilters out there know that it’s a good idea to spin your seams on a four patch unit, so that it lies flatter.

spinning seams

Well, when I pressed the seams of the block, which is a larger four patch, I did the same thing. Now when I sew my blocks together, the seams should all nest together nicely. And that is my tip for the day!!!

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3 thoughts on “Really Random Thursday

  1. Every time you mention your Bonnie quilt I feel guilty. Mine has not been touched since Bedford. Really have to get started. Girl you are a machine!


    1. Please don’t feel guilty! We all work at our own pace. And some of us have more time for quilting than others. There’s no reason to feel bad if you can’t sew as much as I do. It’s not a race after all. We’re just doing this to have fun!


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