Big changes

Picture, if you will, a large room approx. 14′ x 32′. Now imagine that room filled to the rafters with “stuff” – furniture, dishes, knick-knacks, books, boxes of old clothes, Christmas decorations, a model train set, a refrigerator, a stove, a bathroom sink & vanity, old toys, etc. etc. All the cast-offs from two households (ours and my dearly departed in-laws)

I’m not even going to take a picture of the mess that I am describing. It’s too horrible!

Suffice it to say that this is going to be a LONG week of trying to sort through and get rid of all the “stuff”

I loved Barb’s analogy “Although cleaning the room for it will be drudgery, it’s kind of like birthing a baby – just think of the joy in your heart when it’s finished and you have that precious new thing to play with!”

Thankfully, I never had a week of labor when having my children! But, yes, that is a very good way to look at it! After all the work of cleaning that room, I’ll have my long arm quilter and a lovely new space in which to play!

Yesterday, in between “labor pains”, I managed to finish pressing all the blocks for the latest Bonnie quilt:


I’ve put it up on the design wall in three different ways to try to decide how I want to lay it out. On the left is the barn raising style that Bonnie used for her quilt. In the center is a Streak of Lightning. On the right is Sunshine and Shadow. Isn’t it interesting that this block lends itself to the same setting arrangements as a Log Cabin block!?!

I am probably going to use the Barn Raising setting, but I thought I should try out the others just to be different. I also realized sometime last night that I have 10 blocks too many. For some reason I made 150 blocks when all I really need is 140. I’m making this as a twin size quilt and a 10 x 14 layout with a border will be sufficient. I guess I’ll find a use for those 10 extra blocks somewhere – possibly on the backing.

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4 thoughts on “Big changes

  1. You could make a line up of stuff in the Big House yard with a large FREE sign. One person’s junk is another’s treasure.

    I’m amazed that you have all the blocks together from the workshop. You get more sewing done than the other two of us together. Can’t wait until next weekend!


  2. Oh Lordy! I know how you will be happy to have all that stuff organized! Your quilt is fabulous. I have been eyeing a couple of Bonnie Hunter’s quilts. They are so wonderful and scrappy. I made her Double Irish Chain Scrappy quilt. I still need to get it quilted. I think I also like the Barn Raising but Sunshine and Shadow is pretty awesome too!


  3. you are making such great progress on your Bonnie Hunter Quilt. I think that I have close to 150 blocks done but i have a lot more to go. I am makingmine large as the one in the book. Also very happy about your long arm. enjoy her. THE LADY IN BLUE


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