Knock me over with a Feather

turkey feather

Last Friday I was doing a little surfing of the net during my lunch break (I was working for my other boss) and I found out about a quilt show that was not too far away from home. Later in the day, I mentioned to DH that I might like to go to said quilt show. He paused for a moment or two and then said,

“I suppose WE could go over there Saturday afternoon, if you really want to.” (Emphasis is mine)

Well, it took me a few minutes to recover from the shock of him agreeing to not only me going to a quilt show but him attending as well!!!


We actually had a very pleasant time. He took the time to look at all the quilts and discussed various details about technique and design. There was one drawback – there were a lot of vendors (with reasonable prices, even) and I couldn’t buy one single thing!!

shopping with your husband

I did have an ulterior motive for going to this quilt show.

On July 25, one of my loving QFFs sent me an email about a Nolting Fun Quilter for sale. Now, you all know that I am really, really wanting to get a long arm quilter and this one seemed to be a very good deal. But, other than a few times toying with a Nolting at quilt shows, I didn’t know much about them. So that was what I was surfing the web about on my lunch break.

I read reviews and basically did as much research as I could on-line. But I wanted to physically touch one and see how it operates. And it just so happened that a Nolting representative was going to be at this quilt show!

I did prepare DH for the fact that I was seriously considering purchasing a long arm and that I wanted to see this brand in operation.

Well, not only did he not give me a hard time, he talked to the representative, asked a number of insightful questions, then discussed the pros and cons of long arm ownership during the course of the afternoon!!!!!

And today, if all goes according to plan, WE (as in DH and I!!!) are going to go look at the actual machine that is for sale!!!

Of course, the first part of my plan that has to go right is that the machine has not been sold to someone else that moved a little quicker than I!!

As I write this, it is almost time for the shop to open and my stomach is in knots!!

I am so close to realizing my dream of having a long arm quilter!

Cross your fingers for me (and your toes and your eyes and anything else that will cause some good luck to come my way!!!!)


4 thoughts on “Knock me over with a Feather

  1. SQWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! You birthday is coming up and he likes to surprise you with big ticket items. I’m so excited for you! Will keep my fingers crossed.


  2. I am not only crossing everything, but I am saying prayers too. I think, from past experience, that the prayers will be more effective. I hope that the next picture I see will be of YOUR new long arm quilter.


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