The last day of July

I’m supposed to be doing invoicing for DH, so I’m going to make this fairly quick!

Last night we went to the local agricultural fair to watch DGC#1, showing her lamb:


She won second place in the Market show for her division AND she got Reserve Champion for a County bred animal in her division. Yay!!

Today is WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced. Click HERE

My WIP is the Bonnie quilt.


I’ve been sneaking in a few minutes here and a few minutes there to zip through this one. One thing I don’t remember hearing at the workshop was about how the top and bottom parts of each block are different. And you really need to pay attention to that!!

You have to sew them so the foursie is on the right of the HST for the top of the block and the foursie is to the left of the HST for the bottom of the block. And the foursies need to make a chain of dark squares through the diagonal of the block. And the HST need to be facing the same way for the top and bottom.

So I’ve been piecing a top half, then a bottom half. When I clip the sections apart, I leave the two halves together, so that when I go to sew the top and bottom together, they are lined up and facing the correct way.


Look closely and you’ll notice the threads that are connecting the top and bottom halves.

I think this will shave a few minutes off the time it takes to put these together!!

Today is also Get it Done at Patchwork Times. Click HERE

Here’s a quick review of how I did for my July goals:

1) Sew a dress for a little girl who is going to be a flower girl in her cousin’s wedding. I know this isn’t quilting, but since I have to get it done and I can’t concentrate on quilting when I have it hanging over my head, I think I can safely call it quilting related!!

Almost done – I still have to get a final fitting and do the hem. We weren’t able to hook up on Monday. I think we’re aiming for Friday, if all goes well.

2) Quilt the pink and purple blocks.


3) Attend the Bonnie Hunter workshop. A real hardship, I know! 😉


4) Bind the two donation quilts that are almost finished and make one more. I’m getting to the bottom of my pile of kits – I think I only have three more to go!

Almost done! I bound the two donation quilts, but I didn’t start another one.

So I accomplished a large portion of my goals, and since July turned into a pretty hectic time, I think I did fairly well.

And now for my goals for August;

1) I was going to just try to have the units for the Bonnie quilt sewn together, but I’ve already done that. So I’m going to aim for getting all the blocks sewn. Since I’m already well on my way to getting that done, this should be a fairly easy goal
2) Donations quilts – dare I aim for getting two finished in August!?! Yes, I shall dare!
3) Cut the sashing and assemble the pink and purple blocks
4) Un-sew and reassemble Easy Street flimsy. I was going to make it a twin size quilt, but I’ve decided to go with the original pattern and make it queen size. I have the extra blocks already made, I just have to add them onto the twin size flimsy. But since it has an on-point arrangement, it is going to require some un-sewing. 😦

I’ve run on longer than I planned, so I better get back to work!


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