The Party’s Over

Well, my goodness, where do I start! What a wonderful weekend!! I had a ton of fun and really don’t want to come back to reality!

First, let me thank Barb for being such a wonderful hostess! My QFF, my sister of the soul, thank you for letting me stay with you. We managed to get quite a bit of fun packed into one weekend!

Friday evening was Bonnie’s lecture. This lady is a dynamo! I wish I had half her energy!


Her lecture was on string quilts and did she have some stunning quilts to show us!




I’m such a huge fan of Bonnie – so I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

On Saturday, Bev, Barb and I spent the day waiting for Sunday, when we would be attending the “Blue Ridge Beauty” workshop with Bonnie. Oh, and we also did a little bit of sewing 😉


Even though the weather was hot and muggy, we persevered. Just move the table to the front porch and keep on sewing!


I was able to get all 40 of the pink and purple blocks quilted – Hooray! I just did a simple stitch in the ditch (I know, I fall back on that a lot!) But I’m pretty sure the DGC#4 is going to love it even if it doesn’t have a fancy quilting design. Next up will be trimming the blocks down to size and sewing the sashing strips to assemble all the blocks.

In the evening I relaxed with a little hand sewing and got a few more tea leaves stitched. Here are all the circles on the design wall to show how far I’ve progressed:



I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m not in a hurry, I’m just going to enjoy the journey.

Sunday was a great day, despite a rough start. We three quiltkateers arrived at 9:00 am and wanted to get set up right away. There was a little confusion at first but it eventually got sorted out and we unpacked all our stuff and sat down to sew. Then Bev’s machine became possessed and started sewing at top speed all by itself!! Scary!! She tried a couple things to get it to work right, but each time she turned it on it would rev up and go all by itself. When it started smoking, it was time to unplug and come up with plan B.

Fortunately for Bev, quilt ladies are the most wonderful people in the world. Two ladies had spare sewing machines and offered to let her use them. I do not know the name of either of the ladies although one was from Boston. That was why she had a spare – she wasn’t going to travel all the way from Boston and then not have a sewing machine that worked!!!

Our hero

This is our hero. The lady in blue went out and got her spare machine, set it up and showed Bev the basics of how to change bobbin, etc. I am so sorry that I do not know her name. Lady in Blue, if you’re checking in today, please leave a comment and let me know your name!!

Our workshop was for “Blue Ridge Beauty” which is in Bonnie’s book “Adventures with Leaders and Enders” It’s a striking two color quilt that Bonnie made scrappy. Just lovely.


I had to be just a little different and decided to do mine in reds and creams.


Fortunately, I had a lot of reds and neutrals to work with, so I did all my shopping from my stash. I think I’m really going to like this one!

Quilt retreats and workshops are wonderful – I met so many lovely ladies this weekend. I had a great time chatting with new friends. I would love it if my memory were a little better so I could remember all your names! If any of you are checking in on my blog today, please be sure to leave a comment and let me know a little more about you.

I’m linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday. Click HERE to check out some other blogs about quilting.

PS – Jeanine, you can look for my picture on Bonnie’s Blog, I’m way in the back and it’s not real clear, but I was definitely there!!


5 thoughts on “The Party’s Over

  1. Well Miss Cheryl I am checking in to see what your blog is all about. I am the infamous Lady in Blue. I was more than happy to help and would do it again for another stranded quilter. I am also terrible with names so don’t let that bother you. And Miss Bev if you are here, I wanted to thank you for the gift certificate. I went over to the shop and purchased some more blues for my quilt. Glad to help and hope that I will meet you both again on that quilting trail again someday


    1. Hello infamous Lady in Blue! Thank you, Sheri, for coming to Bev’s rescue. We all appreciated it! If you can, send me an email with pictures of your quilt – I’d like to see how everyone else is progressing.


    2. Dear Sheri,
      Thank you for coming to my rescue! You turned at bad start to the day, into a wonderful quilting workshop. The certificate was just a small token of how much I appreciated your generous spirit. Actions like that just prove how wonderful it is to meet other quilters.

      Good luck with your Blue Ridge Beauty and the hexagons you want to try out.


  2. Thank you, Lady in Blue! As you can probably see, the three of us are very close friends and when one of us is hurtin’ we all hurt. I’m so glad you came to the rescue for our dear friend, Bev! Her day would have been much different if she didn’t have a machine. I think it’s taught us a lesson that if we go to more workshops, one of us needs to take a spare machine. Thanks again, Sheri and to your sister, too.


  3. I’m the Boston girl at Bonnie’s class. Just wondering where you got your pattern for tea Leaves. I am totally enthralled with them. How big are the “leaves”. Help me. I need to do them!


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