What was I thinking?

I’m not really complaining – but I just have to blow off some steam so that I can get over this sewing block and actually get something accomplished!

I am a quilter.

Yes, I know how to use a sewing machine. Yes, I can follow patterns. Yes, I have sewn clothes in the past.

But I am a quilter.

So I want to make quilts.

But somehow I was coerced into making a dress for a young lady that is going to be a flower girl in a wedding. And by “coerced” I mean, someone asked me and I said “Yes” (I apparently cannot say “No” for any reason under the sun, even when I know that I don’t really want to do something!!)


Now, please remember that I am not really complaining. I don’t really mind making a dress for a flower girl. And I think this will be adorable when it is done.

But I actually have to get it done!!!

And wanting to sew something for someone and really sewing it are two wildly different things!!!

Each morning this month I have awakened and mentally marked on my list of things to do that I will get started on this dress. And each day goes by without doing anything!!

And because I am having this mental block about sewing the dress, I can’t get past it and work on anything else. And all my quilt projects are calling to me. They keep saying, “Get that dress done so you can come play with us.”

So today is the day!!! I am going to get this “thing” started!!! No more procrastination!!!

I’m linking with Heather and Megan at Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday. Click HERE

Alright, gotta go sew!!!


4 thoughts on “What was I thinking?

  1. I feel your pain. I’ve bought patterns and fabric for two shirts in the last month. The fabric is washed and ready, I’ve pulled the pattern directions out and they are easily understood, and I just can’t get started. One of the tops only has three pieces. It should only take an afternoon and I still drag my feet.
    As with a quilting “problem”, once I make up my mind how I want to handle it, the rest will be easy. Why do we torture ourselves with this indecision? Cause it’s so much more fun to cut fabric for a new quilt project! It’s so much easier to listen to someone else tell us what to make than to start our own ideas. We could cheer each other on to start these projects. Can’t wait for this weekend!


    1. Bev,
      If you are the Bev from Bonnie’s class on Sunday would you post or email the like to the hexie printable pages? Thank you. The lady in Blue


  2. I COMPLETELY understand because I have four projects right now that I have promised to do and they keep laughing at me! One is even taking up a whole room in my house. What a weight off my shoulders it would be to get them done! I’m going to follow the lead of my good friend and put them as first priority…AFTER this weekend. See, there’s always something that comes first 😦


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