Fabric Tuesday

Over at Quilt Story there is a linky party for Fabric Tuesday. You can share any project that is made with fabric. Click HERE to see what everyone is up to.

I don’t really have anything new to share. 😦 At least not anything new since yesterday! I didn’t get a chance to play with any fabric yesterday, so I don’t have any updates on my projects.

Stay inside and quilt

I guess that is one good thing about this weather!!

And, since I haven’t thrown one of these in for a while, here’s something to fantasize about:

George Clooney looking


4 thoughts on “Fabric Tuesday

  1. When he’s done at your house, can he come to mine? I’d also like him to cook and wash dishes. It doesn’t even need to be George. Just someone besides me! Fantasies are so much fun.

    After our fun weekend and our show, I washed three loads of clothes Sun. evening and two Mon. night. Then I crashed for the rest of the night.
    Kevin thinks our quilting all those hours wears me out. I think it’s coming home to the same old work load that does it.


    1. Sorry to have to contradict with Kevin, but he is very confused. It’s all the hours of cooking and cleaning that wear a girl out! Quilting refreshes and energizes!!!


  2. After George finishes at your home and then at Bev’s, can you please send him to my place. He wouldn’t even have to cook or wash dishes. I’d be happy to take him out to dinner and then no one would have to wash dishes. Then we could just sit and chat!! 🙂


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