Plein Air

En plein air is a French expression which means “in the open air” It is mostly used when describing artists painting in the outdoors. But I think that I can safely use the expression for when I am sewing outside. The weather was pleasant, not too hot and just a little sprinkle of rain falling on the metal roof, so sitting out on the front porch seemed like a good option. About the time that I took pictures the rain started coming down harder and harder, so I’m back inside right now! So much for plein air sewing!


This morning I’ve been piecing together small pieces of batting to make squares that are big enough for the pink and purple blocks.

I have so many small pieces of batting left over when I am cutting blocks for quilt-as-you-go. And my frugal (tightwad) nature just won’t let me throw them away. So I decided today was the day to use them up. Unfortunately, that same frugal nature makes it hard for me to get rid of even the tiniest trimming:


This is just what I trimmed this morning. I have a large basket filled with similar trimmings. I keep thinking that I could use it to stuff a pillow or something, but I never seem to do it. I make myself crazy sometimes!!!!

Finally, speaking of plein air, DH finally got his Father’s Day gift the other evening.


He had met a watercolor artist who was out painting plein air. They got to talking and finally came to an agreement that the gentleman would paint the cabin for us. So someone (that would be me) showed him the way there and he did this painting. I had it matted and framed, intending to give the finished product to DH for Father’s Day. Unfortunately, the custom framing took a little longer than expected. But he has it now and we need to get it up on the wall. We’re planning on hanging it above the couch in the living room here at home, so that we can look at the cabin everyday, even when we can’t get there as often as we’d like!!!

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