The trip to Lancaster

DD and I got home last evening. It was just a very short trip, but it was nice. DD had a very pleasant day at her orientation meeting. I got to go shopping!

The scenery was beautiful!

Amish haying

I only stopped at three places – there were more that I could have gone to, but I wasn’t planning on going crazy.

I had forgotten about Log Cabin Fabrics. I only bought one piece of sparkly fabric for the Nascar quilt (yes, it’s still in the planning stages, but when you find the right fabric, you just have to buy it cause you never know if you’ll find it again!!)

Log Cabin Quilt

I found a few pieces of pre-cut at Petersheims – some shirtings and some 30’s repro.


The last stop was at the Old Country Store. They have a lovely selection of Civil War repros. They had a beautiful green stripe fabric in the window display, but they didn’t have it in yardage, they only had it in fat quarter packages. I was so disappointed. I would have bought a few yards of it.

Old Country Store

Here’s my haul:


I really didn’t go too crazy!!

In other news, I’ve got all the blocks finished for the pink and purple quilt. I am hoping to work on getting them layered and ready for quilting this afternoon. Yay!!


The pink is a sample of the sashing that I’ll be using to assemble the blocks once they’re quilted.

Click HERE to go to Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday.


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