I need help

Serious mental help!!!!

Here’s the problem.

This morning I was sewing the corner squares onto the star point units so that I can add them to the pink and purple blocks.


Not really a problem so far. I’ve got all the squares on one side of the star point units sewn on. Now I need to sew the second square on and then I can attach them to the blocks.

But look closely at the picture above. Do you see how the purple star points are attached to the background strip? What I did was cut a rectangle of the background fabric that was 2″ x 7.5″ Then I cut my star point triangles and sewed them to the rectangles. Still not a problem, right!?!

After I pressed the triangles in place, there was a double layer of fabric – the purple star point was folded back onto the background rectangle. In order to eliminate bulk, I needed to trim away the excess background fabric.

So I trimmed away the excess background fabric before I started sewing the squares onto the star point units.

I did all the trimming while sitting at my sewing machine, so all the pieces fell onto the cabinet top.

Which meant that, once I was done, I had this:


A whole pile of little, tiny triangles.

What to do? What to do?

I mean, really, these are so small, they really can’t be used for anything.

It would be ridiculous to save them.

I should throw them in the trash.



Please HELP ME!!!

Even I realize the insanity of making one inch half square triangles!! These would finish at a ridiculous 1/2″ square!!!

These are even smaller than the tiny triangles in the wall hanging I finished back in April!! (Click HERE to see that quilt)

This is carrying the scrap saving compulsion just a little too far, don’t you think!?!

What would you do in this situation?

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5 thoughts on “I need help

  1. Well I would probably save them and think I’d use them one day…maybe a fused project?…then eventually I’d have a good clearing up and throw them out and I’d find it bizarrely difficult to do but I’d feel feel very relieved to be rid of them afterwards šŸ™‚


  2. I’d save them either for a snibbles project (I keep a bin of tiny scraps like these together) or for stuffing in a large pillow / dog bed, etc. I’ve started to save the squared up edges of my fabric and salvages for stuffing as well.


  3. You DO need some serious help…from your QFFs! Well, help is on the way next week. I don’t know if we will solve any world problems, but we just might help you stop this madness. That is, unless we are doing something even more crazy. But that’s all part of the fun. No rules when we play with fabric!!


  4. unfortunately, You already took the first step to rid yourself of scrap addiction by taking the picture of the stack!!!! so you will just have to continue the step addiction process. second step keep picture. third step call your support group and confess. fourth step have a pity party with group. fifth step promise to repent and only buy new large pieces of fabric. sixth step have a happiness party to celebrate recovery. seventh step and only then if you can still find the scraps next month you will have throw them away!!!! but if you can’t find the scraps that means the scrap fairy wants to gift them to you. good luck


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