WIP Wednesday Busy Day edition

It seems like every day is a BUSY day! Even though I vow that I’m going to get things D-O-N-E, it seems like so many other things come up and before you know it, I haven’t gotten anything D-O-N-E!

I had an appointment with the chiropractor this morning, first thing, so I thought I’d have plenty of time to get back home and get started on my list of chores for the day. WRONG! First there were traffic issues – roadwork had long lines of cars backed up. Then I remembered that I needed to get a few, very few, things at the grocery store. Somehow, even though I went grocery shopping yesterday, I had forgotten a couple things. So, after the chiropractor, I stopped for the groceries. Then back home through the traffic jams.

But wait – I was getting pretty hungry, so I thought I better pick up a quick bite to eat or I was going to have to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when I got home. Actually, looking back, a PB&J would have probably been a better option!!!

Then, while finishing the last leg of the journey, I remembered something else that I had wanted at the grocery store!!!! Believe me, losing your mind is not a pretty sight!! Good Grief!! How many times can I forget things!?! I made the executive decision to wait on that last ingredient and make something else. I think I can manage to survive without it!

I’ll write it on my shopping list for the next time I go to the store – now, where did I put that list!?! 😉


Here’s what’s going on in the quilting department. I’m slowly working on the pink and purple quilt. All forty of the twenty-five patch centers are sewn together, pressed and trimmed, ready for the next step.


I’ve also got a good start on that next step. I’ve cut the background strips and squares that I need. I’ve started cutting the purple star points, but there are quite a few more to go.


And I’ve started sewing the star points – okay, I’ve sewn ONE, if you want to get technical on me, but it does mean that I’ve started!!

That’s my WIP for this week. I’m linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced, so click HERE to check out other projects.


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