Can I hear a Whoop, Whoop!?!


TA-DA!! I have my log cabin quilt finished to the flimsy stage!!! I can hardly believe it!

I started this back in late May of 2011 – so I’ve been working on it off and on for two years. It had actually started as a leader/ender project while I was working on the main project of Courthouse Steps:


I started really working on Courthouse Steps in May of 2011, also. At some point the tiny log cabins took over and became the main project, instead of a leader/ender project. By July of 2012 I had almost completed half of the flimsy. I was hoping to have the entire flimsy done so that I could take it to show and share when I went to Bonnie Hunter’s workshop last year. But that just didn’t happen!

Then I had some other projects to work on, so the tiny log cabins faded to the background for a while.

I finished a few other things:










So really, taking two years to get this to the flimsy stage isn’t too ridiculous. Of course, what will be ridiculous is how long it will take to get to a finished quilt!! I have absolutely no idea how I would like to quilt this beast! Hand quilting is O-U-T! 1) because I don’t hand quilt very well, 2) because I already have a few hand quilting projects that are waiting for me 3) there are so many seams on the back of this thing that I can’t begin to imagine how anyone would be able to hand quilt through it!!!! So it’s got to be machine sewing and I can’t fit this thing through my little sewing machine. So I need (NEED!!!) a long arm quilter!!! We’ll see how long that takes!!

BTW – I’m naming this quilt! The center section has four quarters that are put together in the barn raising setting and when they are combined there is a fifth barn in the center. All around the outside it is pieced with the Streak of Lightning setting. So I’m calling it:

Five Barns in a Storm

And, finally, I have a confession to make.


I flipped two blocks on the Streak of Lightning border! Oh No!!!

Apparently, I have a version of OCD where I feel compelled to point out the mistake I made – but only to point it out, not to correct it!!! It took me too long to get this thing sewn together – I don’t plan on unsewing one single stitch!!

I’m linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for Whoop Whoop Friday (HERE) and Nina Marie at Creations for Off the Wall Friday (HERE)

I think I deserve a Whoop, Whoop (I’ve been doing it enough all by myself: I want everyone else to join in!) and, even though this isn’t an “art quilt” per se, I feel it is a work of art!!


5 thoughts on “Finished!!

  1. Hi, Cheryl. Came over from Nina Marie’s. Your log cabin is such a graphic and striking design. As for the “mistake”, what mistake? It’s more interesting like that! All your quilts are lovely.
    best, nadia


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