Really Random Thursday, Rainy Day edition

I never feel very motivated to do much on a rainy day. And it was pouring buckets this morning. It doesn’t help that DH has nothing to do today because of the rain, so he is at home.

He did decide to put doors on the ranger:


He seems to think that they will be safer than the soft side nets that came with it when he flips it again!! Yes, he said “When”!!! He thinks the doors will keep me inside better! I’m thinking that not riding with him would be safer if he intends to do more flipping!!


I went to the elementary school to see DGC#2 receive a couple awards – this is him after receiving the Presidential Silver Award for having all “A” and “B” in fourth and fifth grade!!! I liked the way this photo shows him as the calm in the midst of a storm. Also, I didn’t have to worry about anybody getting upset because their face was in the photo!


I haven’t shared a picture of Norman for a while – he’s getting big! And ornery! In this picture he looks so innocent – just sitting by the window watching it rain – but he’s usually into something that he shouldn’t be!

I absolutely do not have enough energy to clean house!!! I think I have only enough energy to go sew in the studio for the rest of the day. And, if I spend enough time in the studio today, I just might have my log cabin flimsy finished by this evening!!

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2 thoughts on “Really Random Thursday, Rainy Day edition

  1. It has been a rainy day here as well in NC. Lazy day!

    Men are always looking to hurt themselves aren’t they!! hehehehe Oy vey.

    Love the pic of your grandson.


  2. I’ve always loved that Carpenters Song! I’m sure you ended up doing something good on your rainy day. I love rain, when I’m inside! And I don’t have the energy to clean house, ever!


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