Crazy Days

You should be sewing

I’ve been doing a little thinking lately. It seems that each morning I wake up and have plans to get so much accomplished. And I start out gangbusters! I’m usually up pretty early, due in large part to this crazy alarm clock that I have (Norman starts walking on me and patting my face or grabbing my feet, if they’re uncovered!) Anyway, since I’m up early, I fix some tea and then go to the studio to start on one of the many projects. I usually have about an hour before DH is awake, so I can get a nice hunk of stuff done.

Then, once he’s awake, I start actually getting ready for the day – shower, dress, breakfast, etc. That way, once he’s out the door on his way to whatever work he has for the day, I can be ready to take care of my work. There’s always plenty of office work and housework and other boring stuff to do. So I have a system. I work for an hour on mind-numbing stuff, then I get to reward myself with a few minutes of studio time. Yippee!

The problem I’m having with this is that no one else has any respect for my system! Customers might call at any moment during the day and I have to drop what I’m doing to deal with them. Very often DH calls to ask about something – “What do I charge for this work?” or “Can you look and see if my whatchamacallit is in the garage?” or “I forgot my thingamajig, can you run it out to me right now?” or, like yesterday, “I need you to follow me to the garage so I can drop off the truck to be worked on. And, oh by the way, they may or may not be able to fix it in about an hour, so we’ll just beat in some time while we’re in town until they decide whether they can do that or not. And then when they can’t, we’ll go home!!” GR-R-R-R!!!

And then there are things that I know are planned for the day, but take longer than I expected.


Like going to watch one of the DGC at a soccer game. It’s not just the time it takes to watch the game, no, there’s the travel time to get there and back, but also taking the DGC out for a celebratory or conciliatory ice cream (and since everyone else on both teams is doing the same thing, there is quite a long wait!) and, then, since we didn’t have any time for supper, stopping for something to eat on the way home (okay, I don’t mind that part too much!) I mean, I love to go see the DGC and I don’t mind buying the ice cream, but, jeepers creepers, why does everything have to take so long!?!

Is it any wonder why nothing seems to get done around here!?!

End Rant

Okay, sorry about that! Since there seems to be a common denominator in most of the things that throw my schedule off – that would be DH – I should really direct my tirade towards him!!

I am in serious need of a long, relaxing retreat with some QFFs!!! I know that your schedules are as crazy as mine but, girls, we HAVE to do something! So give me a call or send me an email and let me know if there is any possibility of a get together!


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