Get it Done – June

I have had this song in my head:

I’m sorry, now you, too, will have this song in your head for the rest of the day. (evil laughter!!)

The reason that I have this song in my head is that I have a quilt that doesn’t end:


Every time I finish a batch of log cabin blocks, I think that, surely, I have enough to finish this quilt. But I don’t!!! I still have to finish 20 more log cabins! So my version of the song goes like this:

It is the quilt that doesn’t end.
It just goes on and on my friends.
Some person started sewing it not knowing what it does
And she’ll continue sewing it forever just because . .

Now onto the goals for June. First let’s review May’s goals and see how I did.

My goals for May are as follows:
1) Another donation quilt – I have five more kits that need to be finished before October. Not done yet! I still have to pin, quilt and bind.


2) Finish assembling the blocks for DGC’s quilt, then layer and quilt. I was just going to say “assemble blocks”, but I’m going to be ambitious and try to have them all quilted, too. Not done yet! I shouldn’t have been quite so ambitious!! I should have said I only wanted to have the blocks assembled – It still wouldn’t be done, mind you, but it would be closer to done!


3) Finish log cabin flimsy. Not done YET!!!! see the first photo in this post. I still have to make 20 log cabin blocks to finish the final quarter of the flimsy.

4) Layer and pin baste my birthday quilt:


DONE!! Imagine cheers and applause – maybe a choir of angels singing in the background!!

At least I finished one of my goals for the month of May. Let’s see if I can do better in June. I think I’ll be a little less ambitious than I was in May!

1) Finish log cabin flimsy!!!
2) Assemble blocks for pink and purple quilt.
3) Finish donation quilt that was started in May AND make another one for June.
4) Cut strips for Bonnie Hunter workshop that I’ll be attending in July.

There – I have four goals for June and I hope that I can accomplish all of them. I know that June is going to be a busy month because there are a lot of events that the DGC will be involved in and, of course, Mimi needs to be there to cheer them on. And I’ll be working with a few of the ladies from my quilt group to get a flimsy finished before the end of the month (that’s the one that we are making to donate to the local Hospice group for them to raffle off.) And I am STILL trying to get my studio organized – okay, I haven’t been trying all that hard lately, but I think about it a lot!!! 😉 And I do try to whittle down the huge piles of scraps every now and then.

I’m linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times since she started this whole Get It Done idea. Click HERE to see what everyone else is trying to accomplish.


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