WIP Wednesday, Yes, I know it’s Thursday!

I started this post yesterday, but got interrupted before I could post it. Since I don’t want to waste a perfectly good post, I’m just editing it for today. Especially since I don’t have a lot of free time today!

I think I was a little too ambitious with my goals for this month! Even though I’ve been working away at these quilts, I’m not nearly close to finishing anything.


The donation quilt is sewn together. It still needs to be layered, quilted and bound.


The pink and purple quilt is way behind!! I haven’t been sewing as much on this as I thought I would. Admittedly, I don’t have to worry about getting this done until Christmas, but even so, I thought I’d be further along on this one.



The log cabin flimsy STILL isn’t done!! Every time I think I’ve finished enough blocks for this half of the flimsy, I’m wrong. I just finished twenty-five (25!) blocks and I thought that, surely this would be the last batch of blocks I would need to finish. But NO, I still need to finish 17 more blocks! Then I still need to sew the blocks all together on this half and then attach the two halves!

So that is my report on my WIPs for Wednesday – I’ve made some progress, but not as much as I thought I would.

This morning (Thursday) I woke up early. The “cat” alarm (Norman) started at about 4:30, but I hit the “snooze” (told him NO and pushed him off the bed) and managed to get another hour of rest! Anyway, I decided to sneak in a little time with my fabric before DH woke up and needed attention.


I was able to press the donation quilt and get it layered – Yay!!


While I was pressing, I decide to press these, too. These blocks aren’t completed – they need to be five rows of five squares and, obviously, I have not got that far yet. But the pile is much neater now that they are pressed flat!! Maybe I’ll be able to sit down this evening and finish sewing the rest of the pieces together and at least have the 25 patch centers all finished.

I was going to link up with Freshly Pieced, but her linky party is already closed. You can still click HERE to see what everyone else is doing, I just won’t have a button on her site.

I need to take care of all my errands today before I can sit down and sew, so I better get moving!!


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