Back Home Again

All weekend there was not any of this going on:



There was a lot of this going on:








Then this happened:


DH thought he could keep up with the young bucks and instead he flipped the ranger.

Good News is that the roll cage works VERY well – no one was seriously injured!!

Bad News is I was the one taking the photograph when this happened!!

Let me repeat – NO ONE was seriously injured!!! We both had a few bumps and bruises, but nothing serious!

The only damage to the ranger was this:


The windshield has a crack in one corner. Sorry for the poor focus.

Other than that excitement, we had a fantastic time with our friends and family. There was lots of good food and time spent around a campfire. Actually we all huddled around the campfire because the temps were so cold at night!!!

I’m off to do some office work now, maybe I’ll have time to do some sewing tonight.


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