Today’s Agenda

Besides running errands for DH (he needs new mower blades, so, of course, I need to go get them!) and cleaning the house (YUCK!) I hope to get one thing done today on my list of things to do:


This flimsy has been waiting a few years to be quilted, so I hope to get it layered today in preparation for that! I have convinced myself that the way to quilt this is with hand stitching.

Now, I am the first to admit that hand quilting is not high on my list of “love-to-do” things. I’ve done some hand quilting in my day on small projects – nothing that requires a frame or hoop – I just hold it scrunched up in one hand while quilting with the other. I’ve never been able to master the rocking stitch that other ladies use, even though they tell me that it is “So Easy!” And, some day in the future, no one is going to look at my hand quilted quilts and admire the tiny little 20-to-the-inch stitches! But I am going to hand quilt this quilt! It will be a good thing to work on in the evenings while watching an old movie.

And, yes I know, I’m starting a hand quilting project just before summer sets in and it’s going to be too hot to want to have a quilt on my lap. But I’m not going to think about that right now. After all, it still gets cool in the evenings and early mornings, so I can work on it then. And if it gets too hot to quilt, I’ll just move on to one of the other gazillion projects that don’t require holding a quilt over my lap!! And I don’t have a deadline for finishing this quilt. Of course, I’d like to finish it as soon as possible, but since it’s waited for a few years already, a few more months isn’t going to make that much difference! And this is definitely not going to become a gift for anyone else! (You all know how that happens, you plan on making something for yourself and then a gift giving occasion comes up and you decide that you’ll give the lovely quilt to someone else because you wouldn’t have time to make them a new one and besides, you can always make another one for yourself, right!?!) Well, that won’t happen with this one, since this is a VERY special quilt that isn’t going out of my sight!

I have to get going because those mower blades need to be picked up ASAP. And the house (Sigh) really should get cleaned up a little bit. And then I’m going to get this baby layered!


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