Really Random Thursday Stash Report

I know I’ve missed a few stash reports, so instead of random things I thought I’d post about that. I think I’ve about given up on trying to reduce my stash! It seems to have a mind of its own and keeps growing and growing!!

I know I used 2.5 yards of fabric in my stash to make the border on my Bedford Beauty quilt. Hooray!!!

But then I did this:


Well, I simply HAD to replace some blues and browns in the stash because I had used up a lot of them when I made Dad’s quilt!


And, seriously, how could I pass up this fantastic print!?! Even though it’s not blue or brown, I had to have it.

So I only added six yards to the stash, which isn’t too bad considering how much more I could have added!

And then after working all day with my friend from our quilt group (we managed to get all the pieces cut for the Hospice quilt, Yay!!), she gifted me with this:


Well, I couldn’t say “NO” could I? And wouldn’t this be sweet made into a quilt for a little boy? Add another four yards to the stash.


I’ve come up with ten reasons for why I really should use what I have.

1) It feels so good to use fabric that has been sitting in storage for such a long time.

2) When I bought new fabric it was because I loved it so much that I had to have it. I knew that it would be the perfect fabric to make the perfect project. But once I’ve let it sit in the stash for years, I can’t even remember why I bought it. I need to use the fabric right when I buy it so that it doesn’t get old and forgotten.

3) If it’s sitting in my stash, the fabric isn’t doing anything! No one can appreciate it. Once I use it up, it will go out into the world, where other people can appreciate it.

4) It will be environmentally friendly to use up what I have. I need to plan a project around fabric that I already have on hand.

5) I don’t want to be on an episode of “Hoarders”!!!!

6) Because I don’t want my DGC to throw away my stash after I’m gone. I’m not getting any younger and I’d hate to have all that fabric wasted!

7) Face it, I cannot use it faster that I bring it in (not at the rate I’m going now!) I just have to keep working at it so that it can be used.

8) Because I’ve spent more money on my stash than anything else in this house! So I better get some good use out of it!

9) Because it’s fun! Why should I worry about washing dishes or vacuuming carpets when I could be doing something fun! I built my stash so that I could make wonderful things with it – so I need to make wonderful things.

10) Once I use up fabric I get to buy more to replace what I used up! And this time I actually HAVE to buy it because I need it! And buying new fabric is so much fun!

I guess there is actually an eleventh reason – because if DH ever gets a clue about how much fabric costs he’ll flip out when he realizes what a fortune I have invested in my stash!!!

Okay, here’s the official report:

Fabric used this week: 2.5 yards
Fabric added this week: 10 yards
Fabric used YTD: 35 yards
Fabric added YTD: 72.25 yards
YTD total: 37.25 yards added

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