Really Random Thursday, May 2

As predicted, I didn’t get very much sewing done yesterday. I fit in a few minutes but that was about all. Between the errands that I had to run and, then having some people drop in for visits, I just couldn’t do very much. Today is starting out a little better. I was able to spend about an hour this morning before DH woke up sewing logs onto my log cabin blocks.


I need 200 more blocks to finish the second half of the quilt top. I have over one hundred completed blocks. The remainder of blocks are in various stages of assembly. So I really don’t have that much to do to get this to the flimsy stage. I’d love to have this finished before my next quilt group meeting (May 14) but I’m not going to guarantee it!! The reason I’d like it done by then is that there is a new lady in our group who loves log cabin quilts. I’d love to show her mine.

I’ve had a lot of comments both on the blog and in person, about my new car!

Spark 2

This time we did do some shopping around before we actually bought the car. Not like when DH went to buy sneakers and came home with a Camaro!!! So it wasn’t quite as spur of the moment as I may have given the impression.

Yes, Bev and Barb, it is going to learn the way to your neck of the woods. I’m not sure exactly when, but soon. Still waiting to here if we can get our schedules in sync.

Yes, DH can really fit in it. He even wanted me to take him out in it last night for a run to the local ice cream shop. However, he did not want to drive it!! I guess he’s got to draw the line somewhere!!

And, Yes, I think it is the most adorable car, ever!!! Guys might not be into it all that much, but I’ve been getting a lot of positive reactions from a lot of women! And, to give them credit, the guys in my family have said, “The color isn’t THAT bad!”

Finally, Barb – I love that you are ever-hopeful, but here is the exact conversation that we had at the dealership.

ME: I think I am really going to like this car.

DH: Would you rather have this car or that quilter thing?

ME: What?

DH: Do you want to buy this car or get that quilter thing?

ME: (looking very discouraged, since we had already agreed to buy the car and the paperwork was being drawn up.) Um-m-m.

DH: We’re getting the car.

ME: (thinking to myself that we are going to get that quilter “thing” sometime soon no matter what he says right now!!!) I know.

But I do like your line of reasoning – since I’m saving money on gas, I can afford to buy the long arm quilter that I’ve been wanting. I’ll probably use that argument at some point!

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