Mom is doing well

Thank you to everyone that sent good wishes and prayers for mom. She is still being treated at the hospital, but is feeling better and hopes to be home soon.

Since I’ve been busy with her I haven’t been doing too much in the studio – sewing or cleaning! So I thought I’d share some artwork. There was an art fair recently and I was able to attend. I am happy to say that I know all of the artists featured!


This lovely landscape is by DGC#6.


DGC#4 created this cityscape. She took her inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”


I think this print is reminiscent of Andy Warhol. DGC#2 told me the process that he used to make this vibrant piece.


DGC#3 made this happy, dancing giraffe. I think a quilt based on this would be lots of fun!!


DGC#5 made this mixed media giraffe. I’m not sure why this giraffe is angry!

There were a lot of other artists featured at the fair, but these were the pieces I thought I could safely feature on my blog, since I have a friendly relationship with the artists!

Even though I don’t have anything to show as a work in progress, I’m going to share the link to Freshly Pieced so that you can see what other people are working on. Click HERE


2 thoughts on “Mom is doing well

  1. I LOVE the dancing giraffe! And giraffes are my favorite animal. What an inspiring idea, Mimee! To take a drawing from your DGC and make a quilt…for each one of them! I’m so glad I only have 3…(hehe).


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