My design wall

Today is Design Wall Monday over at Patchwork Times. I would post a photo of my design wall but there isn’t anything interesting about a blank wall!! I’ve been spending so much time trying to get things cleaned up in the studio that I haven’t really worked on a lot. Click HERE to go to Judy’s blog and visit the links of people that actually have something on their design walls!!!

I'm Creative

Bonnie Hunter has a good take on the whole organizing idea! I almost think I should use this as my mantra! Because I’ve been doing all this cleaning up and the studio still looks like a disaster area! Part of the reason is that I have been taking care of other things instead of spending every waking moment in the studio. Part of the reason is because I have SO much stuff. And part of the reason is because I hate to get rid of anything because “I might need it someday”!

I am trimming my scraps into usable widths according to the Bonnie Hunter scrap user system. But since I have MANY boxes of scrap fabric this is going to take a while!

And then there are the magazines! My goodness, do I have a lot! And, I wouldn’t want to get rid of one that has THE perfect pattern in it, would I!?! 😉 I’m trying to be ruthless, but this is a real struggle. I spent good money on these things and just tossing them away isn’t the answer for me. But if I take the time to look through each and every magazine, I’ll be flipping pages for the next couple years!!! And then what will I do if I save all the patterns, I mean just the ones that I really like? I think I might have to live until I’m 215 to have the time to make all those quilts!!!

I think I know the answer to this dilemma, I’m just not sure if I can bring myself to do it or not. I’m just going to have to convince myself that I don’t need to save all these magazines. And that I don’t need to go through them looking at all the patterns. Because there are so many patterns out there that when it is time to start a new project, the perfect one will be available to me. And, let’s be realistic here – how many times have I looked through those magazines trying to find just the right pattern? A number very close to zero would be the answer!!!

Okay, I’m hyperventilating, but I’ve decided! I’m going to donate all the quilting magazines with out looking through them!!! I’m going to make lots more room in the studio!! If I followed Feng Shui, I’d be making room for more positive energy by cleaning out all the old stuff.

Wish me luck!!!


3 thoughts on “My design wall

  1. Good luck taming the magazine monster! When we moved, I thinned out my magazine stash to the most current five years. Thanks to my QBFF Barbara, I had almost the whole run of Quilters Newsletter Magazines plus many other titles. I sold some on eBay, gave away some and tore out pages with my favorite patterns. I now have about 15 – 20 notebooks full of ideas, sorted by style and designer. Occassionally, I go through and find the pattern I remember having, for a quilt I’d like to make. These days, I think we could find just about any pattern we’d like on line. Or, I can draft most of them by now. Doesn’t stop me from buying (and subscribing) more magazines. I’m a sucker for the glossy pictures in my favorite fabrics. Love this hobby!


  2. Oh, I do love the pretty pictures! And if you let them sit around long enough, it’s like having a brand new magazine for free because how can I remember all these quilts with my poor memory! I’m not any help at all.


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