The Great Clean Out

Trying to work and get a post written. Picture is on phone, so partial post from phone, then editing later.


Sorry about that. I had to go to work for my other boss this morning and I was running behind. So I knew I’d need to post any pictures from my phone. Then after I got the pictures on the blog I could come in and edit in my spare minutes.

All I really have is one photo of my design wall so that I can link with Judy’s blog for Design Wall Monday. There isn’t much up there right now. I started another donation quilt with one of the kits from my quilt group. I like the pastel colors in this one. Click HERE to see what’s on some other design walls.

I didn’t get a lot of sewing done this weekend, so I probably won’t have too many finishes for a while. I’m really trying to get my space cleaned up. I can manage to work in all the chaos – I have been shuffling things around for quite a while and have been able to finish some projects. But I think that if things were a little more organized, I just might be able to be even more productive. Wouldn’t that be nice!?!

I spent the weekend by first making a list of all the things that I could see that needed work. I figured that it would be good to have some kind of plan to attack the mess. Most of the things that I want to do are tedious, time consuming, nit-picky things (which is why they haven’t gotten done in the past!!!)

A couple things are fairly easy, as long as DH doesn’t find out. I want to get rid of some things that are stored in the closet; they have been in there for years and no one does anything with them, but if I tell DH that I am throwing them away, he’ll come up with a reason why I shouldn’t!! So they are going to be quietly buried in the bottom of a big, black trash bag!!

Finally there are two or three organizational ideas that will require the service of a handyman – some shelves and possibly a new cutting table arrangement. Let’s see, do I know anyone that could install shelving? Well, yes and no! DH is a handyman by trade, so he is certainly capable of installing shelves for me. But you know the old saying, “The shoemaker’s children go barefoot.”? There is a reason that saying is still around. If your hubby does something for a living, he doesn’t come home and do that same work in his own household!!! At least my hubby doesn’t!!! So we’ll see how quickly those things get done. Maybe I’ll just have to bite the bullet and figure out how to do them myself!

Okay, break time is over, and I better get back to work!!


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