WIP Wednesday

Hooray!! I’m back on line!! My internet is through our cell phone service provider, so I had to go to the local store to get my mobile hot spot looked at. It had been working just fine and then, poof!, it wasn’t. I didn’t really get a reliable answer to why it stopped working, but it is working now, so I’m happy.

We had a wonderful retreat this past weekend. Bev and Barb joined me at the cabin and despite all our difficulties, we sewed, sewed, sewed! I was hobbling around with a bad knee (from the fall I sustained down at Bristol), apparently, I over-did and it was pretty painful. Barb decided to slap some man silly in her sleep and wound up beating up an innocent dresser, so her hand was cut and bruised. I think Bev managed to remain uninjured – lucky her!

Even though we had those problems, we managed to get a good bit accomplished.


The guild that Bev and Barb belong to had a challenge. Make a quilt relating to Chocolate. Bev came with fabrics and an idea and left with this cute, FINISHED, project, What’s in Your Stash. If you can zoom in on this, you’ll find chocolate wrappers tucked into her piles of fabric!


This is Barb’s vision – Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Doesn’t this remind you of a platter of yummy, strawberries dipped in chocolate?


I managed to get two side borders attached to Bedford Beauty.


And I layered, quilted and bound Tiny Triangles!!! The hand sewing is almost done, so it will be ready to hang in my front hall very soon. YAY ME!!!!

Then, as we were packing up to go home – how sad to have to go home – 😦


but what a blessing to see this gorgeous double rainbow. This photo does not do it justice at all.

Click HERE to go to Freshly Pieced and see the works everyone else has in progress.


One thought on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Just have the binding to sew down tonight on Chocolate Covered Strawberries for tomorrow night’s guild meeting! Yay! I’ve been floating on a cloud all week from our good time under the rainbow!


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