Quilt Retreat


“We’re going to the cabin and we’re going to be sewing!” Be sure to sing this to the tune of “Going to the Chapel”!!!!

Ha-ha! Now you’re going to have that tune in your head all day!!!

And, yes, that is a photo from last summer. I didn’t have one any more recent.

I’m trying to get everything taken care of here at home so DH won’t have anything to complain about while I’m gone for the weekend! I know – good luck with that!!! đŸ˜‰

Since I’ve been packing and cleaning, I haven’t gotten much done in the past few days. But click HERE to see what’s up at Nina Marie’s, there’s sure to be some really creative people that are actually accomplishing something. And click HERE to give a “Whoop, Whoop” to everyone at Sarah’s blog.

I’m linking up with them, even though I haven’t got any projects to report on. I figure I deserve a “Whoop, Whoop” because I’m getting to go on retreat with my two besties. And, well, I just like to link up with Nina Marie cause there are some really creative people there and I feed off their energy!


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