WIP Wednesday – April 3, 2013

I’m still working on the borders for Bedford Beauty. I keep thinking I’ll have lots of time to work on them, then other things keep coming up and I don’t get much done.


Here is what I have done so far, laid out on the bedroom floor. The borders are assembled – Yay!

I still need to add extra triangles to the ends of each border so that I can square them up. And they need pressed. Then I need to layer and quilt them. Then use my handy-dandy sashing technique to attach the borders to the body of the quilt. On the front I’m using the yellow-gold fabric for my sashing, like in the test I did here:


I think that little extra pop of color is going to look fantastic.

BTW – since I am not a math whiz, I just made these borders approximately the right size. They are just slightly longer than the body of the quilt. So I am going to use the time honored technique of whacking them off to make them fit!!! Hey, if we look at antique quilts and say, “Look at how she made those pieces fit, she just whacked them off.” and we think it adds charm to the quilt, well then, I’m adding charm!!!!

Okay, I’m spending the afternoon with Mom, so I better get going.

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