Spring Cleaning

Ugg! It’s that time of year again. The time when I make BIG plans to get everything cleaned out and organized.

What actually happens is this: I start out gung-ho and tackle some area of the house that has been bothering me with the mess. I spend a day of intense cleaning – I move everything out of the “to-be-cleaned” area, scrub every square inch of the space (using a toothbrush to get every nook and cranny) Then I clean all the items that need to go back into the space, put them back, put stuff that doesn’t belong there in another room, and get rid of whatever junk can be thrown away.

If I can even accomplish all that in one day, it’s a miracle. But after one day of that intensity, I’m exhausted! And I’d rather be sewing anyway. So that’s about it for the spring cleaning!!! I get one corner of my house intensely clean and the rest still looks like a bomb went off!

Well, not this year!! This year it’s going to be different! I’m going to pace myself and get everything cleaned up once and for all!!

I’m also going to find the pot of gold that the leprechauns hide and wish upon a star until my dreams come true!!!!

What is actually going to happen is this (and it might be even better than wishing on a star!) I am going to hire help!!!

I know!

I can hardly believe it myself!!!

Get this – DH, my DH, the DH that pinches every penny twice, that DH suggested that I hire a lady in the neighborhood that does cleaning!!!!!

Well after I recovered from my faint, I called her and she is going to stop by this morning!!! Actually she will be here any minute!!!

So, while I dance on moonbeams and star shine (and also work like a dog beside her because I cannot in good conscience have someone cleaning my house while I sit around doing my nails!), she is going to help get this house set in order!!!

DH may have created a monster because I just might get used to this sort of thing!!


3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. I know how you feel. I used to do much of the cleaning before the cleaning lady arrived because I didn’t want her to know how bad it really was!


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