Another Day of Snow!

Alright, already! I have had about enough! I want Spring and I want it NOW!!!

Okay, that is all the whining I’m going to do about the weather. After all, since it’s snowing I can stay inside and sew!! If the weather were nice, I’d be out raking the fallen branches and twigs out of the yard.

I started sewing together my twosies into nine patches and then I decided to do a mock-up of what I hope the borders are going to look like.


I only used one color of green triangles – there will be a variety of them, just like in the quilt.

I think I’m pretty happy with the way this is going to turn out!

I’m linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday. Click HERE to see what other people are working on.


I was going to wait to share this, but I think I’m liking it too much. Here is a photo of the grandstands at the Speedway and a rough sketch of what I’m thinking of doing as a quilt. You know, at first I was really not that serious about using the photo as inspiration for a quilt. For one thing, I really like more traditional quilts. And for another thing, I have so many projects to work on right now that it isn’t funny!

But I got a lot of positive feedback when I posted about it. And then the voices in my head – you know the ones – they say things like, “This would be such a fun quilt to make.” and “Go ahead – start another project. Who cares how many you already have.” stuff like that!!! Anyway, those voices wouldn’t shut up. So I finally gave in and decided I would sketch out an idea. That’s all – just sketch it, because, remember, I have too many other things to do!

And I’m pretty happy with the sketch. I like the strong diagonal of the steps. I want to use a lot of bright colors for the little rectangles with some black for an accent. I think if I can find some, I’d like to use a small black and white check to bind it, to relate to the flag at the finish of the race.

Now the voices are practically screaming at me to go pick out fabric – what harm could it do? Just pull a few pieces out so that I’ll know what I’m going to use, when I start this project – AFTER I have all the other projects finished, of course.

The flaw in that logic is – now I realize that I don’t have very much grey in my stash, so I naturally HAVE to go shopping for more fabric (BTW – thank goodness Lent is almost over!!! I’ve been suffering withdrawal!!)

So now I am teetering on the edge, trying not to fall down the slippery slope of starting ANOTHER project! All I need is one little push and I’m going to be sliding right into the crazy land of “Always Starting New Quilts and Seldom Finishing”!!

Which of my QFFs is going to be the first to talk me out of this craziness OR give me a shove!?! šŸ˜‰


5 thoughts on “Another Day of Snow!

  1. Me me me! I’ll give you a push! I have yardage of a black and white check I can give you. It might even be enough for backing, depending how big you’re planning on going. You kow you can always count on your QBFF’s to help push you over the edge!


  2. Well, I can’t stay out of this…we are getting together in a little over a week and we LOVE to start new projects together. Right? And I have some left over grays from Easy Street that I’d be glad to donate to the cause. We may give you a shove, but we’re always there to catch you!


  3. Gosh … you have such WONDERFUL friends. With Bev’s black and white check fabric and Barb’s left over grey fabrics, you will have all that you need without having to go out and buy anything and break your Lent commitment. BTW, what will you be doing for Easter?


  4. Great fabric and design concept. Very modern for your style So I think you should go for while the idea is still hot !!! suggest adding The small Diagonal stair Way in the lower right-hand corner As in the photo. Have fun next weekend. Cannot wait to see the flimsy.


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