Design Wall Monday – March 25, 2013

I don’t really have anything on my design wall today. That’s because this weekend I’ve finished a couple of things that I’ve been working on. You can check out what is on other design walls by clicking HERE. There are quite a few people linking up with Patchwork Times to show what they are working on.


The back sashing strips on Bedford Beauty are all sewn down. Hurray! I wanted to get this done while I was down in Bristol, but that didn’t happen. I’m glad I had time to get it finished this week.


I started cutting the strips to make the nine patches that I am going to use for the borders on Bedford Beauty. I’ve cut way more than I need to make the borders, but I figure I can always use them in other projects some day. The nine patches are going to be set on point with various green setting triangles. If I’ve calculated correctly, the borders will measure six inches wide, adding another twelve inches to width and length. So the quilt will finish at approx. 84″ x 96″.


I finished another donation quilt. This is the one I started so that I could use it as a tutorial. I took pictures of about half the process, but then I took the samples to the quilt group meeting to do a demonstration. Then I didn’t take the rest of the photos after that. So now I’ll need to make another donation quilt so that I can get the rest of the steps for assembly photographed.

Yesterday morning I had proof that this is finally spring:


A robin!! Yay!! It’s really spring now!


Or maybe not! Here is the same spot, where the robin was sitting, this morning. We have about a foot of snow! And no robins in sight!

I think I’m going to lock myself in the studio until the weather turns nice. I can comfort myself with lots of sewing therapy.

2 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday – March 25, 2013

  1. Oh, the joys of living in the mountains. So far we have about 8 inches and it’s stilling coming down fast. Yesterday, I was out burning yard scraps and card board. Saw 13 robins at one time in our back yard. Later I saw a very fat groundhog munching on new grass in the side yard. Bet they’re all hiding today.

    Love how you Bedford Beauty looks. Can’t wait to see the border!


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