Really Random Friday

I haven’t been able to get much going this week in the sewing department. I have been stitching the back of the Bedford Beauty quilt. I had hoped to do that while we were camping and have it finished, but we all know what happened to those plans. 😉

I did let my mind wander into the quilting area while I was watching the races:


I have no idea who is the driver of the #60 car, but I took a picture of it because of the pretty colors. Wouldn’t that be nice inspiration for a bright, happy quilt?


Something about this picture gives me inspiration – the linear neutral colors with bright colors sprinkled through. I’m going to have to let that idea percolate for a while. It would be a more modern quilt, I’m thinking.

Sorry that I don’t have more to share today. Check out Off the Wall at Creations HERE and Whoop, Whoop Friday at Confessions of a Fabric Addict HERE. I’ll do the same and maybe get my mojo back for next week!!


4 thoughts on “Really Random Friday

    1. Thanks! My family often wonders about the pictures I take, some are pretty off the wall, but when I see colors or shapes that I like, I just have to record it. You never know where inspiration will come from.


  1. At least you got SOMETHING out of those races! I believe my comments would have been the same. Please, please don’t make me go to things like that, my dear family! My daughter watches them on television and that is bad enough. I can sit in a comfy chair and totally block it out. But to actually be there? No, thanks.


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