Nascar Fans, you might not want to read this!

I am not a big fan of racing. These are my personal feelings. I do not want to offend anyone that is a Nascar fan. That is not my intention. Everyone has different interests and if you are interested in Nascar that is just great. I won’t be offended if you are not a big quilting fan. And, if you say things about quilting like what I am getting ready to say about Nascar, I will not get personally offended. So I hope you will not get offended when I get this off my chest!!

This past weekend, DH and a group of others had made plans to go to Bristol to watch the races. I was happy to go along because we were going to be staying in the camper and I like camping! I planned on doing a good bit of sewing while everyone went to the races, so I was going to have a wonderful time.


But then DH got the marvelous idea that I really should experience the whole race thing. After all, I was right there and when would I have the opportunity to see a Nascar race in real life again. Everyone else in the group couldn’t understand why I would travel all that way and then NOT see a race! And besides, our one friend had extra season passes that he planned to sell, so there was a ticket ready and waiting for me.

Let me just say, as a side note, peer pressure is very hard to withstand, no matter what age you are!! Especially when one peer is your husband!

So I gave in to the idea, and said, “Sure, I’ll go to the races.” Now there were three different races over the weekend and I was signed up for ALL THREE!!!

How can I explain the feelings that I experienced?

You know in old war movies, where the bad guys would threaten torture by saying, “Ve have vays of making you talk!”?

colonel klink

Well, I have discovered that I would talk about any top secret information if I was threatened with having to watch another Nascar Race!!!

To say that I didn’t enjoy it would be a slight understatement! Even with sound blocking headphones, the noise was horrendous. And watching those cars spinning around in circles made me half nauseous!

I know that there are a lot of people that don’t understand my desire to take large pieces of fabric, cut it into small pieces, then sew it back into large pieces. Some of those people are even related to me! But why anyone would like to watch a whole bunch of cars make 1,000 left hand turns is beyond me!!! And the amount that you have to pay for it – do you know how much FABRIC I could have bought!?!

There was a young family in the stands not far from us and their little girl started crying. So they eventually made their way out of the stands and, presumably, took the little girl home. If I had thought that would work for me, I’d have been bawling my eyes out!!!

The worst part of the whole thing was that I couldn’t sew!! I had packed all that wonderful fabric and had so many different projects to play with and I hardly got to do any of it! đŸ˜¦

Now, lest you think that I was miserable the whole time, I do have to admit that I enjoyed the race on Sunday slightly more than the two on Saturday. For two reasons – one, because I was rooting for Danica Patrick to win (sadly, she didn’t.)


The second reason is because I fell down the steps at our camper and banged my arm and twisted my knee.

How can that be a reason to ENJOY the race, you may ask.

Well, when, during the race, I actually managed to doze off (I know, crazy right!?!) DH was being considerate of his poor, injured wife and didn’t jostle me awake! So the race seemed to be much shorter, which was a good thing!! Almost worth having a big bruise on my arm and walking with a limp!!

I also enjoyed the time with the family and friends that were with us. My goodness, we had a lot of good food. And we were able to sit around the campfire at night and have a good time.


We set off a few hot air balloons, which was really cool! There was also an intense Corn Hole competition amongst the men folk. And, did I mention all the good food!?! I think we all packed enough to feed an army!!

I have learned a valuable lesson after this weekend. Next time DH wants to go to see a Nascar race, he is more than welcome to do so. But if he insists that I need to go with him, I’m going to remind him that I feel about Nascar races what he feels about quilt shows – absolutely cannot stand it and want to avoid it like the plague!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Nascar Fans, you might not want to read this!

  1. Amen sister! Husband insisted that I attend one car race. After all, we have always told our children that they can’t say they don’t like something if they haven’t tried it. Fortunately for me, it was NOT an entire NASCAR weekend, just one race at a local track. I lasted all of 10 min. After that I went behind the stands where the noise was blocked just enough to be bearable. He has asked again, I’ve reminded him that I tried. Once. And now I can legitimately claim I don’t like car races. (Yeah, he kinda doesn’t get the point of quilt shows either.)


  2. Having been a former Nascar official (in the 70s), I have to say that I enjoyed your post with a chuckle or two. Yes, I will probably lose my hearing early due to the noise at those races. I use that experience, though, to encourage my friends to enter their quilts in regional quilt shows. No one would pay to see the winner of the race drive around the track 500 times. In order for there to be a Nascar race, there has to be lots of other “also-rans.” I’m proud to say that I have had more than a few “also-ran” quilts in regional shows.


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