Charity Quilt tutorial – Part one

Warning: This is a photo heavy post.

I promised I’d put up a tutorial for doing the quilt-as-you-go method that we are using to make charity quilts. These quilts are to go to a local crisis pregnancy center, so they are baby quilts.

Here is the one I made as a sample:


Our group has put together kits for each of the members that wants to make a quilt like this. If anyone else is following along and would like to try this – here is what is in the kit:

5 – 11″ x WOF(width of fabric) strips for the backing
5 – 11″ x approx. 42″ pieces of batting – I like to use a cotton batting, the batting in our kits is not what I usually use and I’m not sure what the fiber content is. It’s a little puffier than what I use, but it is working fine.
25 – 2 1/2″ x WOF strips – five each of five different fabrics
8 – 1 1/4″ x WOF strips for front sashing
8 – 1 3/4″ x WOF strips for back sashing
5 – 2 1/4″ x WOF strips for binding

There are also written instructions, which I should have scanned so that I could include them here. I’ll try to remember and do that for Part 2

Okay, here are the steps:


lay the backing face down, smooth out wrinkles.


put the batting on top


use two – 2 1/2″ strips, line up the raw edges with the left side of the backing and batting


sew a scant 1/4″ seam through all the layers, a walking foot helps with this, but it can be done with a regular sewing foot, just be careful that the fabric and batting don’t bunch up


flip the second strip out. I like to press the seam open – it just seems to keep it neater for me. Use a third 2 1/2″ strip and sew it onto the second strip. Flip open, then add a fourth strip. Flip open, then add a fifth strip. You need to make 5 strip sets in this manner.


The next step is to trim to size. The finished blocks are going to measure 10″ square. First you will trim the strip sets to a 10″ width.


I like to place the 10″ mark just inside the left edge to give a little leeway.


Trim the right side


Turn over and line up 10″ mark on the edge you just trimmed


Trim off that side, there should not be much to trim on this side, now the strip set is 10″ wide. Next is to add the sashing BEFORE you cut the blocks.


sashing – 1 1/4″ single layer for the front, 1 3/4″ folded layer for the back


match raw edges of front sashing, strip set and back sashing, sew scant 1/4″ seam through all layers


One strip set gets sashing on both sides, one strip set will get sashing on the left side. The remaining three strip sets do not get sashing.


I only have the strip set with sashing on both sides shown here. trim off selvages from one edge of the strip set


cut 10″ squares, there should be four in each strip set, so you should have 20 – 10″ blocks, four will have sashing on both sides, four will have sashing on the left side and 12 will have no sashing on them. You will take one of the blocks with sashing on the left side and add sashing on the right side. Then take two blocks with no sashing and add sashing on the right side. After you have done that you will have five blocks with sashing on both sides, three blocks with sashing on the left side, two blocks with sashing on the right side and ten blocks with no sashing.

Now we are ready to assemble the blocks into rows. That will continue in Part Two – mainly because I haven’t got any more photos of the procedure yet!!

Hope this helps you get started on making a charity quilt using the quilt-as-you-go method.

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