Really Random Thursday

The huge storm turned into “the storm that wasn’t” Yes, we did get a lot of snow, but it melted off quickly and didn’t cause too many problems. DH was out plowing for a good portion of the day, which meant that I could concentrate on sewing. Yay!!!

Here is the gift quilt, so far:


Doesn’t look so great right now, does it? but I am making progress, so that is a good thing.

DH and I are trying to get things ready for a trip with the fifth wheel. We had to get the generator worked on and that is finally fixed. Now we’ll be able to roll when the time comes.


No, this isn’t a photo of the camper right now – but it’s what I hope to be seeing shortly!!!

I’ve been working on packing all the necessaries:


My Bedford Beauty is ready to go – I have all the hand sewing on the back sashing to do while we are away. I also have my needle book, tin of pins, spool of thread and scissors, so I should be good to go. I’ll probably take my Tea Leaves pieces, too, just in case I run out of things to do!! Oh, I’ve also been thinking about clothes, food and other supplies, but since they aren’t nearly as important as the quilting, I haven’t been stressing about it!!!


Norman has been overseeing all the preparations!

I’m linking up to Live a Colorful Life, so click HERE to see what other random stuff is going on. I especially enjoyed Catherine @ Knotted Cotton; she has kitty that checks on everything, too.


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