I hope this is the last

The last big snowstorm, that is!


This is the view from my front porch. There is a road just behind the pine trees but you can’t see it right now. There’s too much snow and the plows aren’t going through very often.

One good thing is I don’t have to go out in it! It would have been even nicer if two ladies I know could have been snowed in here with me!! Imagine all the quilting we could accomplish!

I’ve been working steadily on the gift quilt and I have almost all the blocks finished.


Today I am hoping to finish the blocks and get them all assembled into rows. Since I don’t have to go anywhere, I should be able to get that done.

Hope everyone else can enjoy their snow day!


2 thoughts on “I hope this is the last

  1. LOVE the picture from your front porch. I’ll be sending a few pictures that I took after the snow stopped. Hope they turned out well. I took them with my cell phone camera which makes it quicker and easier to send to email. Have fun quilting.


  2. LOVE the colors of the quilt you are making for your friend. It seems that your QFFs would also have loved to get stranded at the cabin with you for a few days of non-stop quilting. Don’t forget that you lose one hour of quilting on Sunday.


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