Get it Done – March

The last day of February, already! Time to talk about my quilting goals. To review what I accomplished in February and plan what I want to accomplish in March.

Here is what I wanted to get done in February

1) Quilt all the Bedford Beauty blocks and machine assemble with sashing strips (the hand sewing on the back will be for next month!) – I did get all the quilting done and I got all the blocks sewn into rows – Machine and hand sewing. But I’ve only just started to get the rows together.


2) Finish the donation quilt that I will be using as a demonstration at the workshop. – I didn’t get this done mainly because we didn’t have the workshop to do donation quilts yet. I did spend a day working on the raffle quilt, instead, so I’m not going to beat myself up about this!

3) Assemble tiny triangle blocks into a wall hanging for the entry – DONE! Well, almost. The top is finished but I still need to quilt and bind it.


4) Cut strips for an Irish Chain quilt – Didn’t get this worked on at all. I haven’t really decided what I want to do about this. I just wasn’t happy with the fabric selections I had made, so I think this is just going to go on the back burner for a while. It’s not like it was for anyone as a gift, so I’m not going to lose sleep over it.

Now what am I going to set as my goals for March:

1) finish sewing Bedford Beauty blocks together
2) make borders for Bedford Beauty and attach, then bind.
3) donation quilt – hopefully we’ll be able to schedule a workshop
4) A last minute gift quilt for a friend – I’ll reveal this after I give it to its recipient.

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I should be able to get a lot accomplished this coming month, because I have a faithful companion to encourage me:


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4 thoughts on “Get it Done – March

  1. Wow! Is that Norman? He’s growing so fast! See what happens when we don’t visit for a while. Babies grow up when you’re not looking. Love the Bedford Beauty. Wish mine was that far along. I still have 16 blocks to put together. Did I see the second Bedford Beauty in the back ground of your picture?


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