Lent begins today


I was serious about giving up buying fabric for Lent. So from today until Easter I am not going to buy any fabric.


Okay, I am going to give myself one dispensation. If I absolutely, positively have to have some fabric for a project that I absolutely, positively need to finish before Easter, then I can buy fabric for that. I’m not going to be going to any quilt shows during the Lenten season, so I should be able to avoid that severe temptation.

But I did have a mad thought pop into my head yesterday.

Fat Tuesday is the last day before Lent. It is traditionally the day when many people have one last hurrah before they start abstaining. Of course the tradition is to use up all the meats, fats, eggs and milk because during Lent, they are supposed to avoid animal products. Hence the name Fat Tuesday.

I thought, “Maybe I should order some fabric from Connecting Threads today. They have some lovely batiks and blenders that I would really like to have. Then I’d have new fabric to play with while I’m abstaining from purchasing during Lent.”

But then I thought that was crazy (yes, even for me!!!) I’m pretty sure that I have enough fabric to get me through the next forty days (more like forty years!!!)

I don’t want people to think that I am being glib about something as serious as Lent. After all, Lent is a season where we are to try to avoid temptation – just as Christ spent 40 days in the desert being tempted by the Devil.

I am tempted by fabric, so I am trying to give up that temptation in order to be a better person. I’ll be trying to reduce my stash in the next forty days by working on donation quilts for a local charity as well as working on projects for my family.


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