The next project on the list

Mom is going to have knee replacement surgery at the end of April. After which, she will be using a walker for an unspecified period of time. So she would like to have a bag of some kind to attach to the walker to carry some little essentials.

I found this video on You tube which gives fairly clear instructions for a fairly simple bag:

Then mom told me about a walker bag that a lady at the nursing home had. Apparently, it was really great. She sent photos in an email to me:

Walker Pocket-View 4

When I looked at it this morning, it looked vaguely familiar. So I called a friend of mine to confirm some information.

Mom, those walker bags were made by a lady in the Heritage Quilters group!! Yes, my quilt group. And, while I would love to see you have the “ultimate” in walker bags, I have no intention of making one of those things!!!! The lady that made the bags said that they were the most difficult thing she had ever made. She broke over 20 sewing machine needles while making those bags. And if she never hears the words “walker bag” again, it will be too soon!!!

So, if it’s alright with you, I think we’ll stick to the quicker, easier version of the bag in the You tube video!


One thought on “The next project on the list

  1. As I had said last night, it would be OK with me to go with the bag you found on YouTube. Have you surveyed your stash, and do you have enough red, white, and blue for us to make a patriotic bag?


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