And the Winner Is

OMGoodness! I was yanked out of a sound sleep to go watch the DGC this morning and forgot what day it is!

Today is the day to pick the winner of the giveaway. I promised four fat quarters to someone out there that left a comment with Jeopardy questions.

Here are the answers, with the correct questions:

$200: This “mad” patchwork quilt is made from irregular or scrap pieces sewn in no particular pattern or design. – What is crazy?
$400: The 19th Century style of quilt named for this Maryland city can fetch 6 figure sums at auction today. – What is Baltimore?
$600: This layer inside a quilt that provides thickness and warmth sounds like an activity for Josh Hamilton. – What is batting?
$800: These social gatherings where women would make quilts together were a popular feature of frontier life. – What is a bee?
$1000: Quilts may be pieced, where shapes are cut and sewn together, or this, where cut pieces are sewn to a background. – What is applique?

Everyone that sent in a comment was given a number. The numbers were put into a hat and since I was with the grandchildren, I had DGC#3 draw a number.

And the winner is:

Jeanine!!! Jeanine told me she likes florals, so I picked these four coordinating fabrics:


I’ll need to get a physical address from you, Jeanine, to send these out. Send me an email at:


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