Am I a mice or a men?

Because my best laid plans are going astray!

I planned on getting the house cleaned and having things all ready for sewing on Saturday. And also fixing food to take to Superbowl on Sunday.

Instead I’m at DS#2’s house, watching DGC, because DS is out plowing snow. DH is also out plowing. And I’m pretty sure that DS#1 is also out plowing, since he works for the county roads dept.

And since this snow isn’t going to end anytime soon, who knows what havoc it will wreak on the rest of the weekend!


3 thoughts on “Am I a mice or a men?

  1. Don’t mind my snarly comments. It was too early in the morning – I shouldn’t have been posting at that time. Yes, playing with the grandchildren is fun and I wouldn’t wish that away for the world. All too soon the little angels will grow into teenagers and they won’t want to spend time with their Mimi.

    Barb, I was worrying about the snow – but if you don’t mind driving in it, then I won’t worry about how the house looks!! Like I’ve said before, my priorities have sewing very close to the top of the list and housework is in last place. Maybe a root canal would be lower than housework, but I’m not real sure about that!


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