Get It Done – February

Here’s another Judy Laquidara linky. On the last day of the month we are to post about what four things we would like to get done in the next month. We’re also supposed to update everyone on our progress over the past month. Click HERE to see who else is reporting on their progress.

In January I was too late to actually link up. But I did leave a comment and talk about on my blog, the four things I wanted to get done for January. Here is that list:

1. Get my Easy Street quilt to the flimsy stage
2. Layer all the “Bonnie” blocks to prep for quilting
3. Finish the quilting on the Advent wall hanging before I put it away for next Christmas.
4. Make two sample quilts in preparation for the workshop I’ll be teaching in February

Wow, I did pretty good! I finally assembled the Easy Street blocks into a twin size flimsy. Yeah!

Sorry, I don’t have a picture because the weather is frightful and I didn’t have anywhere inside to show the entire flimsy. But take my word for it, it’s done. Now, since the mystery quilt instructions were for a queen size quilt, I have seven blocks and two large setting triangles left over. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them yet. Probably they will go into the orphan block pile until someday in the distant future.

I’m still working on layering all the “Bonnie” – Bedford Beauty blocks. More on that in a minute.

I finished the quilting on the Advent wall hanging and it is now residing in one of the Christmas decorations boxes. Yeah!

I only made one sample quilt for the workshop. I thought I would need two samples in different sizes when I wrote the list, but it turned out that the size I made the first sample was just fine. I did cut out a second kit to take to the workshop to use for demonstration purposes. So I’m going to say that item is done. Yeah!

Now about item #2 – I have finally trained myself to call this quilt Bedford Beauty. I guess at the beginning of January I was still calling it the Bonnie quilt because I had started making this one at a Bonnie Hunter workshop. Anyway, I’m still layering blocks – not because it takes me so long to pin layers together (although, sometimes it does take a while to get motivated to do something like that!) The reason it is taking so long to layer is actually because of two factors. One, I don’t have enough safety pins for all the blocks at one time – there are 42 blocks and I use nine pins for each block. And, two, I’m using up bits of batting and I ran out of pieces that were big enough for the blocks. Now I am piecing together batting to make large enough pieces for the blocks.

Because I don’t have enough pins, I need to quilt blocks so that I can take the pins out and layer more blocks. So I’m actually getting some of the quilting done, which is what is going on my February list, so I’m ahead of the game!!!

Without further ado, let me present my Get it Done list for February:

1) Quilt all the Bedford Beauty blocks and machine assemble with sashing strips (the hand sewing on the back will be for next month!)
2) Finish the donation quilt that I will be using as a demonstration at the workshop.
3) Assemble tiny triangle blocks into a wall hanging for the entry
4) Cut strips for an Irish Chain quilt 002 I am using the rosy pink fabrics on the left side of this photo as the background and a variety of 1800 repro creams and darks for the chain. This photo doesn’t do those rosy pinks justice. Despite how they look in the photo, they are a lovely soft pink and are VERY similar in value.

I guess I better get back to invoicing for DH. I worked on a lot of it yesterday but I still have a few hours of work to do today. Today is also the last day to leave a comment on my Jeopardy quiz and enter for a chance to win. Click HERE to leave a comment. I will be drawing the lucky winner tomorrow morning and posting on my blog about that.


7 thoughts on “Get It Done – February

  1. I love the mini triangle blocks. I want to make a wall hanging as well so I am looking forward to your design. What size are the blocks/squares? You mentioned the wall hanging will be entered?


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