This is Jeopardy! and a giveaway!


Sometimes I watch Jeopardy, sometimes not. Last night was a “not” night. But mom watched it. Last night one of the categories was:

“Let’s Make a Quilt”

So, who would like to play today? I’ll post the answers and you comment with the questions. To sweeten the deal, I’m going to do a small giveaway. Any comments with all five correct questions will be put into a drawing to receive 4 fat quarters of fabric (see, I’m trying to reduce the stash at the same time as we’re having fun!) Include in your comment a general category of fabric – brights, 1800’s repro, 1930’s repro, pastels, etc. and I’ll pull out 4 fabrics to send to you. I’ll leave this open until the end of January and will post the winner on February 1.

Okay, here are the answers (thanks mom!):

$200: This “mad” patchwork quilt is made from irregular or scrap pieces sewn in no particular pattern or design.

$400: The 19th Century style of quilt named for this Maryland city can fetch 6 figure sums at auction today.

$600: This layer inside a quilt that provides thickness and warmth sounds like an activity for Josh Hamilton.

$800: These social gatherings where women would make quilts together were a popular feature of frontier life.

$1000: Quilts may be pieced, where shapes are cut and sewn together, or this, where cut pieces are sewn to a background.


10 thoughts on “This is Jeopardy! and a giveaway!

  1. 1. What is crazy quilting?
    2. What is Baltimore?
    3. what is Batting?
    4. What are Bees (quilting bees)?
    5. What is Applique?
    Thanks …that was fun.


  2. OK … so those that reply with all five correct answers are NOT going to win $3,000, but maybe to quilters the material is just as valuable?!!!


  3. 1. what is a crazy quilt?
    2. what is a baltimore album quilt?
    3. what is batting?
    4. what is a quilting bee?
    5. what is applique?

    That WAS fun!! Thanks! Lisa


  4. What is a crazy quilt?
    What is a baltimore Album?
    What is batting?
    What is a quilting bee?
    What is applique?
    Thanks for a fun giveaway! I love florals and batiks!


  5. Great idea for a give away. I saw the Jeopardy show and thought of you and Barbara. I think Freckles is enjoying this too! We’ve been getting snow all day. Seems about 6″ deep right now. Barbara will be dreaming of being snowed in at the cabin. Hope to see you soon.


  6. Got them all correct last night, too! I like brights!

    What is a crazy quilt?
    What is Baltimore?
    What is batting?
    What is a bee?
    What is applique?


  7. 1. What is a crazy quilt?
    2. What is a Baltimore Album quilt?
    3. What is batting?
    4. What is a quilting bee?
    5. What is applique?
    This was a fun way to challange my memory and think about how to use those floral prints in a quilt!


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