Maybe I Should Join Fabricaholic’s Anonymous

Quilter Anonymous

I really, really need to get serious about this whole Fabric Stash thing. I mean, seriously, I have enough fabric to keep me going for decades!!! I do not NEED to get any more!!!!

Obviously, risking the wrath of DH is not enough to curb the fabric buying impulse!!

I need to come up with some other plan.

JustCallMeElle had left a comment at Barrels of Monkeys blog that I thought might be a good idea. (click HERE if you want to read the post)

“And I will give up buying any fiber (fabric, yarn, etc) for Lent, even tho I am not Catholic. I find it to be an excellent test of my resolve. My only forgiven buys will be if I go to a quilt show with vendors, or if I find I need to make a quilt gift during that time (and I cannot find all that I need out of the stash).”

Perhaps, if I am risking the wrath of God I might not be as tempted to buy fabric!!!

Lent begins on February 13 and ends on March 30, so that would be a significant amount of time to cultivate the non-buying habit. And I do like the two exceptions to the rule – quilt show vendors and having to have something that is for a gift!! That should make it a little easier to stick to the vow!

I had read somewhere else (and I’m sorry, I can’t remember where!) that one lady had cancelled all the sale flyers that arrive in her mailbox and email inbox. If she didn’t know about the sales, she wouldn’t be as tempted to buy! That will be the back up plan, if making a vow to God doesn’t work!!! But I’m pretty afraid of breaking a vow to God, so I think it might work.


2 thoughts on “Maybe I Should Join Fabricaholic’s Anonymous

  1. What else is a friend good for than to help when desparately needed! I say we have as many sewing days as possible in the next few months to get rid of some of that stash. We need to sew, sew, sew. I’m looking at my calendar and will get back to you. It’s a sacrifice on my part, but I need to do this for YOU!


  2. I have the best friends! To make such a sacrifice just to help me – WOW! It brings tears to my eyes!!! 😉

    Send me an email with available dates and we’ll see what we can work out. Because I am determined to reduce my stash this year, no matter how many sewing days it takes!!!


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