Half way through January

Yes, the first month of the year is already half over. I had four goals for January – quilting related goals!

1) Get Easy Street to flimsy stage
2) Finish quilting on Advent calendar wall hanging
3) Make sample for donation quilt workshop in February
4) Layer the “Bonnie” blocks, or as I’m calling it Bedford Beauty blocks in preparation for quilting

Let’s see, where do I stand with these? I still haven’t got any more done on the Easy Street mystery quilt.


I was going to sew it all together into a flimsy. But after meeting with my quilting consultants (Bev and Barb) I may attempt to quilt it in pieces and then assemble, so that I can have a finished quilt. I still haven’t decided about that. After all, I still need to stock up on flimsies as a way to convince DH that I NEED to have a long arm quilter!! I think I’m going to alter this goal slightly and get all the blocks sewn into rows. Then, if I decide to quilt it in sections, I’m good to go. If I want to save it to long arm, all I have to do is sew the seven rows together and then I’ll be good to go.

I am slowly getting the quilting on the Advent calendar finished. This is being hand quilted and I only seem to work on it in the evenings when watching TV with DH. And I haven’t been doing a lot of that lately.

The samples for the workshop are finished!! I did the binding last night on the pink and green quilt. The other sample is still in kit form, which is what I wanted to be able to show to my partner on this project. She and I will be shopping for the fabrics and getting the kits assembled, so I wanted her to be able to see what the kit would look like. I’m still not sure if she is going to approve this design, but I think it is very nice!!


I know, this isn’t a photo of the finished quilt, but it was the best I could do today. I haven’t had a chance to take a photo of the finished quilt because the weather is so dreary. I really like to take photos outside in natural light.


I am going to get started on the last item on the list today. I need to cut backing and batting for the blocks that I started in the Bonnie Hunter workshop that I took in July. The pattern of the block is called Blackford’s Beauty. Since the workshop was in Bedford, I decided to call the quilt Bedford’s Beauty. I’m really going out on a limb to come up with a name, huh!?! I briefly considered finishing this to the flimsy stage. But DH has been disappointed that he hasn’t been given any quilts recently. So I decided to quilt the blocks and assemble them with my handy-dandy quilt-as-you-go method. That way I can give him a finished quilt, which will wind up on our bed, so I get to sleep under it, too! A win-win situation!


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